BERNINA 560 Common Problems and Troubleshooting

In this article, we will be taking a look at the most common problems associated with the BERNINA 560 sewing machine and how you can troubleshoot them. We will cover topics such as thread cutter issues, hand wheel problems, machine timing adjustments, bobbin size compatibility and more.

Additionally, we’ll provide tips on how to properly maintain your machine for optimal performance. By the end of this article, you should have all the knowledge you need to keep your BERNINA 560 running like new for years to come. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started.

What are the reviews of the BERNINA 560?

The BERNINA 560 is a powerful and versatile machine that offers both sewing and embroidery capabilities. It features an intuitive touchscreen that allows for quick access to various functions, a memory function for storing creative ideas, an optional BSR stitch regulator to ensure even stitch lengths, and an optional embroidery module with 70 pre-loaded patterns. With its robust build quality, the BERNINA 560 is sure to last for many years of reliable use. Highly recommended.

The BERNINA 560 features

The BERNINA 560 offers a variety of features to make your sewing and embroidery experience enjoyable. These features include:

  • Transparent doors for a clear overview of all tools
  • Intuitive touchscreen operation
  • Memory function for storing creative ideas
  • Optional BSR stitch regulator for even stitch lengths
  • Optional embroidery module with 70 preloaded patterns
  • Robust build quality for reliable use.

BERNINA 560 price

The BERNINA 560 is no longer in production and as such, it cannot be purchased directly from the manufacturer or through official dealers. However, it can still be found on certain ads for around $1500 USD.

It is important to note that when purchasing a used machine, its condition should be thoroughly inspected before purchase in order to ensure that there are no major issues with the product. Additionally, it is advisable to purchase an extra sewing foot pedal or power cord in case of any unexpected damages or loss of parts. The availability of these replacement parts may vary depending on where you buy them from, so make sure to do your research if necessary.

The BERNINA 570 QE is the latest version of the BERNINA 560 and offers a variety of upgrades and improvements.

BERNINA 560 Technical Problems

Over time, the knobs of BERNINA 560 may become unbearably stiff. Other issues include difficulty in powering up and software update errors.

BERNINA 560 Touchscreen problems

The BERNINA 560 sewing machine stands out with its touchscreen, which serves as the primary navigating device and connection between the user and the machine. Unfortunately, it can cause difficulties if it fails to respond properly.

Solution: Recalibrating the BERNINA 560 Touchscreen

To recalibrate your touchscreen device, first power it off. Then press both of the small arrow buttons located underneath the two knobs simultaneously to bring up a white screen. Now with the stylus included in this package, simply click on any black marks that appear – and you’ll be back to using your device as normal!

1010 main-sync error on the BERNINA 560

Another issue that can arise is a “1010 main-sync error”, or what’s often referred to as a “blue screen of death”. This happens when too much data has been inputted into the computerized machine, causing it to overload and display a red cross sign on the touchscreen. To rectify this, one needs to troubleshoot and find out what is causing the overload.

Troubleshooting a Synchronization Issue on the BERNINA 560

Troubleshooting a synchronization issue on the BERNINA 560 can be difficult, however with error code 1010 main-sync you won’t have to worry anymore as there are several ways to fix this common problem. For optimal outcomes, ensure that data is input consistently and follow the machine’s instructions. After you’ve been presented with a flashing red cross sign, it will provide steps to help resolve any issues.

Common Issues on the LEDs BERNINA 560  

The LED light located on top of the BERNINA 560’s sewing platform will switch off automatically when it is not in use. This is an intentional feature, and some users may mistakenly think it needs to be fixed or replaced when this happens.

Troubleshooting the Automatic LED Switch-Off Feature on the BERNINA 560

To avoid confusion, the issue can be addressed by changing the settings within the machine’s menu. 

BERNINA 560 Knobs Issues

As with any machine, the BERNINA 560 is subject to wear and tear. Consequently, over time its knobs can become less responsive and may cause issues with using the instrument properly. The more you use it, unfortunately, the faster this deterioration will occur.

Troubleshooting the BERNINA 560 Knobs

Although Bernina technicians and their affiliates offer replacement services, it can be costly as the device is computerized and requires a diagnostic check which is expensive software. Therefore, it’s best to handle any repairs with caution in order to avoid paying too much money.

Furthermore, it would be beneficial to ensure regular maintenance of the machine in order to avoid such issues in the future.  

BERNINA 560 Won’t Turn On Issue

Before you throw in the towel and assume something catastrophic has happened to computer in your BERNINA 560, try going through this basic checklist of possible solutions. Don’t despair just yet – there’s still hope that your machine can be salvaged!

Troubleshooting if the BERNINA 560 won’t turn on

If your BERNINA 560 won’t turn on, there are a few things you can try before assuming the worst:

  • First, check the power connections – this includes ensuring they’re plugged into the wall outlet correctly and making sure the pedal plug is secure.
  • If that doesn’t work, try switching to a different electrical outlet or turning off the power switch for two or three minutes and then turning it back on.
  • It’s also possible that something as simple as replacing the sewing light bulb could be causing an issue.
  • If the sewing light does come on but nothing else works, you may need professional help to diagnose and repair any internal problems. 

BERNINA 560 error during software update

Regular software updates on the BERNINA 560 are necessary to make sure that the device is kept up-to-date and running smoothly. These software updates can be easily downloaded from the BERNINA website, but problems may occur during this process.

This can include USB sticks not being recognized or finding it difficult to locate the date of a software update. If such issues arise, it is important to follow the troubleshooting steps outlined below for a quick and successful resolution. It is also recommended to regularly check for new software updates as they become available in order to get the most out of your machine.

Troubleshooting error during BERNINA 560 software update

The USB stick not being recognized during a BERNINA 560 software update is likely caused by an incompatibility issue between the device and the BERNINA USB stick. To fix this, it is necessary to remove the USB stick, switch off the machine, then switch it on again before following instructions on the display.

If the date of the software update cannot be found, unzipping the data and saving it directly onto a data medium such as a USB stick can help resolve this problem. This ensures that all files are in place for easy access when needed.  

BERNINA 560 bobbin holder problems

Are you having trouble with the bobbin holder on your BERNINA 560 Sewing Machine? Don’t worry – it’s usually due to dirt buildup or incorrect model usage. Luckily, both of these problems can be easily solved by troubleshooting them. 

Troubleshooting BERNINA 560 bobbin holder problems 

To recap, if your BERNINA 560 Sewing Machine Bobbin Holder is slipping out of place, it’s generally caused by dirt buildup or incompatible model usage.

To fix this issue, make sure the finger is correctly placed on the needle plate and use a cotton swab to clean out any dust or debris in the case latch. Then blow compressed air into it to remove any remaining residue. In addition, always use bobbins made specifically for this model and remember to do regular maintenance. By following these steps, you can have your sewing machine running smoothly again in no time! 

Common BERNINA 560 bobbin winding problems. Bobbin winder not spinning

Trouble with winding bobbins on your BERNINA 560? Overuse of machines or tools will wear out gears, bearings and other moving parts over time. To check, examine the spool wheel carefully for any fractures, deformities, or other changes in shape. If so, it’s time to start troubleshooting. 

Troubleshooting Bobbin winder problems on the BERNINA 560

One way to fix bobbin winding issues is replacing any worn gears, bearings and other moving parts over time and adjusting the winder assembly. This should do the trick; however if this doesn’t work then you may need to replace either the power switch or motor. Before doing this though it is important to also inspect all components for signs of wear or damage, as this will help you maintain the machine in perfect condition.

BERNINA 560 Sewing Machine Tension Problems

The BERNINA 560 sewing machine can sometimes experience problems, such as upper thread tangling caused by too tight or incorrect thread tension. To ensure an easy sewing process and prevent any tension problems, it is important to fix them quickly. Doing so ensures a smooth stitch with minimal disturbance and prevents future problems, making sure that your machine always works perfectly.

Troubleshooting tension problems on the BERNINA 560

To get quality results from your BERNINA 560, it is important to ensure the needle is threaded properly and that the bobbin thread has been wound evenly. It’s also necessary to adjust the tension discs according to fabric type and size of needle for optimal performance. Doing so will help prevent potential tension issues, allowing you to make beautiful projects with ease.

BERNINA 560 breaking needles

Don’t let needle breakage put a stop to your sewing projects! The BERNINA 560 is an incredible machine, but it can sometimes struggle if you don’t have the right type of needle or thread for a particular fabric. 

Troubleshooting BERNINA 560 Needle Problems

To get this fixed and ensure that your next project runs smoothly, be sure to select appropriate threads and needles before beginning any new project. Additionally, make sure tension settings are properly adjusted as incorrect tensions can lead to problems with broken needles too.

Needles should be swapped out regularly while any particles in the feed dog region must also be cleared away often so as not to create destruction or disruption during operation. Keeping up on regular cleaning and maintenance will also help keep everything in working order so there’s less need for scheduled breaks.

BERNINA 560 Keep Jamming

Thread entanglement, incorrect fabric feed, and dirt accumulation can all lead to jamming in the BERNINA 560 sewing machine. Thankfully, these issues are preventable if you take proper care of your machine by cleaning it regularly and ensuring that the thread is free from knots or tangles.

Troubleshooting Jamming Problems on the BERNINA 560

To avoid any unfortunate jamming of your BERNINA 560 sewing machine, it is essential to take the necessary steps when using this device. This includes ensuring that all threads are correctly placed and not tangled, fabric is feeding properly, and dirt or debris does not get into the system which could potentially hinder its performance. 

Furthermore, regular cleaning should be conducted for optimal results. Fortunately, the user manual can easily guide you through cleaning out your lint trap on occasion and oiling any components. Taking just these few simple precautions will ensure that none of your projects are interrupted by malfunctions!

Common BERNINA 560 fabric problem

Why is my BERNINA 560 Sewing Machine not moving the fabric? Don’t let fabric tension issues become a major issue for you and your Bernina Sewing Machine. With the right knowledge, this common problem can be quickly solved so that all of your future projects will go smoothly! Take control now and make sure every sewing project is completed without any worries. Make sure to troubleshoot this obstacle soon so that no time or effort is wasted trying to fix it later on.

Troubleshooting fabric movement problems on the BERNINA 560

To guarantee that your BERNINA 560 operates at its best, take a few minutes every couple of weeks to inspect and adjust the thread tension as well as make sure all components are correctly threaded and adjusted according to factory specifications.

Furthermore, regular maintenance such as cleaning or replacing parts should also be carried out after each use, in order to ensure peak performance. With these preventative measures undertaken regularly you can rest assured that nothing will ever stand between you and flawless results while using your Bernina machine!

BERNINA 560 upper thread breaking

The BERNINA 560 Sewing Machine sewing machine is a popular choice for quilters, but it can be tricky to troubleshoot. One common issue is the upper thread breaking. This could be due to an incorrect needle/thread combination or tension that’s too tight. It could also be caused by poor quality thread or damage to the stitch plate or hook tip. 

Troubleshooting BERNINA 560 Upper thread breakage

To ensure the best performance out of your machine, it is necessary to install the correct needle and wind the bobbin correctly. It’s also important to check any settings related with embroidery data design systems too. In addition, if threads continue to break after rethreading as stated and adjusting both upper and lower tensions, it is suggested that an 80% full bobbin should be used when stitching on tight fabrics. 

It is essential to match the needle size with the appropriate thread size in order to avoid breakage. Additionally, if the upper thread tension is too tight then it needs to be reduced. Poor quality threads should also be avoided, while damage to the stitch plate or hook tip will require professional attention from a specialized BERNINA dealer.

Moreover, any threads that are caught around the area of the thread take-up lever must be removed by sliding the headframe to the left before inserting the four knobs of the headframe into the provided notches and sliding it back. 

Ultimately, following these instructions should help to ensure that your BERNINA 560 runs smoothly without any thread breakage issues. With proper maintenance and troubleshooting it should remain a reliable device for years to come. 

Common BERNINA 560 bobbin thread problems

Problems with the BERNINA 560 bobbin thread can cause a number of annoying work problems, including tangled or broken bobbin thread, skipped stitches, uneven stitching and unraveling of seams at the end, etc.

Troubleshooting BERNINA 560 bobbin thread problems

To avoid issues when working with the BERNINA 560 bobbin thread, it is important to use the right type of bobbin; make sure that there is enough thread but not too much, correctly insert the bobbin case, and exchange worn threads for longer ones.

  • Additionally, adjust or regulate tension carefully to ensure a successful outcome.
  • If the bobbin case has been damaged, replace it. If there are any damages to the stitch plate in the needle plate, contact your nearest BERNINA dealer for repairs or get a new one.
  • Lastly, if the needle is blunt or bent then change it. 
  • Overall, proper preparation and attention to detail can help you avoid potential problems with your BERNINA 560 bobbin thread.

BERNINA 560 sewing machine bobbin tension problems

If you are the proud owner of a BERNINA 560, then it may come as no surprise that bobbin tension difficulties can arise from misaligned needle plates or erroneously tied thread. Don’t despair though! There are quick and easy solutions to alleviate this problem in no time at all.

Troubleshooting BERNINA 560 bobbin tension problems 

Don’t let bobbin tension issues on your BERNINA 560 frustrate you any longer; just ensure the bobbin is installed correctly, that both needle plate and feed dog are suitably aligned, then adjust the tension dial to find an ideal setting for whatever project it is. If these steps don’t lead to satisfactory results, fitting in a new bobbin case may be necessary – with this checklist of tips at hand though, all threading dilemmas should become easily resolved!

Common BERNINA 560 stitch problems

Common BERNINA 560 stitch problems include: 

  • Uneven stitch formation which could be due to upper thread being either too tight or too loose; a blunt or bent needle; poor quality of needle/thread combination; incorrect threading; fabric has been pulled; an inappropriate bobbin case being used; 
  • Skipped stitches due to wrong needle, faulty point etc.; 
  • And finally, incorrectly threaded threads between the thread tension discs or remnants below the bobbin case spring may lead to faulty stitching. 

Although adjusting the stitch length or using zigzag features might seem tricky at first, you can get up to speed quickly with a few basic tips and guidance. Troubleshooting any loose or tight stitching issues should be straightforward too. 

Troubleshooting BERNINA 560 stitching problems 

For outstanding results, it is essential to customize the settings of your BERNINA 560 depending on each project and fabric. Furthermore, be sure to stay up-to-date with basic maintenance tasks such as clearing lint from the feed dog area and replacing dull needles. With precise personalization, regular upkeep duties, and some troubleshooting knowledge at hand– you are guaranteed success in using this sewing machine!

BERNINA 560 needle threader problem

The most common issue that arises with the BERNINA 560 needle threader is when the wire loop becomes stuck or too wide to fit through the eye of the needle. This can be caused by dirt, oil or grime buildup inside the machine. It can also happen if the needle has been bent, making it difficult for the wire loop to pass through. 

BERNINA 560 needle threader troubleshooting

If this happens, you will need to clean out any debris from inside your machine and ensure that your needles are not damaged before attempting to use your needle threader again. You may also want to adjust the tension on your machine as this could be affecting how your needle threader functions. 

BERNINA 560 Sewing machine parts

The BERNINA 560 has garnered a huge following due to its advanced technologies. Nonetheless, it’s still susceptible to issues arising from normal wear-and-tear, misuse or age. Therefore, it’s important to diagnose the issue quickly in order to prevent further damage.

In order to provide users with helpful information about common problems and their solutions, we’ve created a separate article dedicated to this topic. It will explain the most frequent difficulties with parts and components as well as how they can be fixed.

BERNINA 560 Sewing machine presser foot problems

For more information about the most common problems with presser foots of the BERNINA 560, as well as the causes of these problems and how to fix them read in this article of ours.

BERNINA 560 Sewing machine motor problems

For more information about the most common problems with machine motor of the BERNINA 560, as well as the causes of these problems and how to fix them read in this article of ours.

BERNINA 560 Sewing machine belt problems

For more information about the most common problems with belt of the BERNINA 560, as well as the causes of these problems and how to fix them read in this article of ours.

BERNINA 560 Sewing machine thread cutter problems

For more information about the most common problems with thread cutter of the BERNINA 560, as well as the causes of these problems and how to fix them read in this article of ours.

Hand wheel problems on BERNINA 560 sewing machine

For more information about the most common problems with hand wheel of the BERNINA 560, as well as the causes of these problems and how to fix them read in this article of ours.

Is the BERNINA 560 suitable for beginners?

The BERNINA 560 is suitable for both novice and experienced sewers and embroiderers. It’s perfect for a variety of projects including quilting, garment construction, home decor, crafting and more. This machine offers a range of features to make your sewing projects easier, faster and more enjoyable. 

BERNINA 560 Manual

The instruction manual for the BERNINA 560 sewing machine can be found here.


How to Fix a BERNINA 560?

If your BERNINA 560 seems to be getting power but is not functioning properly, you can attempt a manual reset following the directions provided in the user manual. However, if nothing changes then it is imperative that you take your machine to an expert technician for further investigation; this could indicate an issue with any of its circuit boards, memory board or motherboard.

How do I fix the timing on my BERNINA 560?

To effectively adjust the timing of your BERNINA 560 sewing machine, simply loosen the needlebar and then slide it up or down until you can clearly view its bushing’s bottom mark. If there are no visible marks on the needlebar, manually lower it entirely with a hand wheel before raising it 2.4 millimeters for precision results!

What Size Bobbin for BERNINA 560?

The BERNINA 560 is designed to use Jumbo Bobbins, available both in empty and pre-wound styles. For confirmation that either variation can be used with this specific model, please refer to the owner’s manual.

Troubleshooting my BERNINA 560 doesn’t stop

If your BERNINA 560 is not stopping when you press the foot pedal, there are a few things that can be causing this issue. The first step is to make sure that the top tension dial on the machine is set correctly for the type of material you are using. If it is too tight, it could cause your sewing machine to continue running even after you have released the foot pedal.

Next, check for any lint or dirt buildup around the needle and bobbin area as well as in other areas of the machine. If lint or dirt builds up it can interfere with your machine’s performance, including causing it to stay on when you release the foot pedal. Remove any debris from these areas and clean them thoroughly before attempting seem to be a difficult task.

Conclusion. BERNINA 560 Common Problems and Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting the BERNINA 560 doesn’t have to be difficult if you know what to look out for. By learning more about the most common issues associated with this device, you can ensure that your sewing projects remain hassle-free. With proper maintenance, use and troubleshooting, you can keep your BERNINA 560 running like new for years to come.

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