Singer 1304 Sewing machine upper thread breaking

One of the most common problems with sewing machines is upper and/or lower thread breaking. This can happen for a variety of reasons, from snags in the fabric or thread, to incorrect threading of the machine. 

If you experience frequent breaks in either your upper, try checking for any issues within the tension settings, needle size or type, as well as the thread itself. Paying attention to these areas might help prevent this issue from recurring. Additionally, it may be beneficial to change out your sewing machine needles regularly so that they are kept sharp and effective.

Causes of Singer 1304 Sewing machine Upper Thread Breaking

The most common causes of upper thread breaking on a sewing machine are having the needle in backwards, an improper threading, tension that is too tight, a bent or blunt needle point, thread that doesn’t match the size of the needle, a burr on the presser foot, a needle that is too long for the machine, a worn or broken take-up spring, tension discs with grooves from excessive use, and an uneven sewing speed.

Here are 9 potential factors causing the upper thread problem and how you can resolve them.

Your Singer 1304 Sewing machine Is Not Threaded Correctly

If your upper thread keeps breaking or your machine isn’t working properly, the first thing you should check is if it’s correctly threaded.

How to Correctly Thread a Singer 1304 Sewing Machine?

Disconnect the threads and rethread from the start. Make sure the take-up lever is in its highest position, attach a spool of thread, pull the thread through the tension discs and guides according to your user manual, and finally pass it through the eye of the needle. Don’t forget to leave a 4-inch tail of thread. That should do it!

Your Singer 1304 Sewing machine Thread Tension Is Too Tight. Adjusting Thread Tension on Singer 1304 Sewing Machine for Even Stitches

The tension of the thread in your Singer 1304 Sewing machine needs to be adjusted for different weights of fabric and thread. It is important to use the same weight of both the upper and lower thread so that the tension can be even. If the sewing machine’s tension is too tight, it may lead to breaking of threads. To loosen the tension, turn the tension dial counterclockwise. An expert technician can help to reset the bobbin tension if it cannot be adjusted properly.

Your Singer 1304 Sewing machine Thread Is Poor Quality

When working with a Singer 1304 sewing machine, it is important to use good-quality thread. Low quality thread may be too thin and snap after minimal pull or too thick and break in the eye of the needle or tension discs. Purchasing bulk packages of thread can often result in a low-quality product that cannot handle the strain of machine sewing. For best results and fewer thread breaks, choose quality thread for your projects.

Your Singer 1304 Sewing machine Needle Is Damaged, Bent, or Dull

The Singer 1304 sewing machine needle may become bent or damaged with time, especially when working with thick materials. Manufacturing flaws can also be present on a needle. If the needle is not properly aligned, it is likely that it needs to be replaced.

It is recommended to change the needle after each project for optimal performance; however, if you notice thread breaking while sewing, then you should replace it.

You Are Not Using the Correct Needle in Singer 1304 Sewing machine

Using the incorrect needle in your Singer 1304 Sewing machine can cause thread to snag and break while sewing. It is important to replace the needle prior to each project, as a dull or weak needle won’t be able to easily pierce the fabric.

Thick fabrics such as corduroy, denim, and leather require specialty needles that can handle the extra thickness. By making sure you use the right needle, you can reduce the chances of your thread breaking.

Your Singer 1304 Sewing machine Needle Is Not Inserted Correctly

Ensure that the needle on your Singer 1304 Sewing Machine is inserted correctly for optimal sewing performance. The top shank of the needle should have one flat side, which should be facing towards the back of your machine when you insert it.

If the screw holding your needle in place has become loose or if you accidentally bump it, this could cause your needle to hit the bobbin case or throat plate and break. To prevent this, make sure your needle is inserted all the way up and tightened securely. Inserting it backward can also lead to breaking of the needle so ensure this doesn’t happen.

Your Singer 1304 Sewing machine Take-Up Lever Spring Is Broken

Another reason why your Singer 1304 Sewing machine thread can break while you sew is a broken or bent take-up spring. If your Singer 1304 Sewing machine thread breaks immediately when you begin to sew, or you don’t see your take-up lever going up and down, your spring is broken. Take it to a sewing machine repair technician to have the spring replaced.

Your Singer 1304 Sewing machine Bobbin Case Is Full of Lint

Your Singer 1304 sewing machine may experience frequent thread breakage if there is an excessive amount of lint in the bobbin case. This can affect the hook timing of the machine, resulting in snags and breaks in the Singer 1304 sewing machine thread. It is important to keep your sewing machine clean and free from lint build up to ensure it works properly.

You Are Sewing Too Fast

If you’re stitching too quickly, this can cause tension to be uneven and result in the thread breaking. It’s important to slow down when you sew, especially if it involves sewing through a lot of fabric or multiple layers. This will give your Singer 1304 sewing machine enough time to effectively make the locking stitch without causing thread breakage.

Troubleshooting Guide for Singer 1304 Sewing Machine: Resolving Upper Thread Breaking Issues

Here is a table summarizing the causes of upper thread breaking on a Singer 1304 Sewing Machine and the corresponding solutions:

Causes of Upper Thread BreakingResolutions
Needle in backwardsReinsert the needle correctly.
Improper threadingDisconnect threads and rethread following the user manual.
Tension too tightAdjust tension by turning the tension dial counterclockwise. Consider professional help.
Bent or blunt needle pointReplace the needle after each project or when thread breaks.
Mismatched thread and needle sizeEnsure using the correct needle for the fabric.
Burr on the presser footCheck for burrs and smooth them out.
Needle too long for the machineUse the appropriate needle length for the Singer 1304.
Worn or broken take-up springConsult a sewing machine repair technician to replace the spring.
Tension discs with grooves from excessive useExamine and replace tension discs if necessary.
Uneven sewing speedSew at a slower, more consistent pace to prevent uneven tension.
Incorrect needle insertionEnsure the needle is inserted correctly with the flat side facing backward.
Poor-quality threadUse high-quality thread suitable for machine sewing.
Damaged, bent, or dull needleReplace the needle if damaged or after each project for optimal performance.
Incorrect needle type for the fabricUse specialty needles for thick fabrics like corduroy, denim, or leather.
Needle hitting bobbin case or throat plate due to loosenessTighten the needle securely to prevent hitting the bobbin case or throat plate.
Broken or bent take-up lever springSeek professional help to replace the broken or bent spring.
Bobbin case full of lintKeep the sewing machine clean by removing lint from the bobbin case.
Sewing too fastSlow down the sewing pace, especially when dealing with thick fabrics or multiple layers.

Follow these resolutions to address the specific causes of upper thread breaking on your Singer 1304 Sewing Machine.


In conclusion, thread breaking on a Singer 1304 Sewing Machine can be caused by several factors. These include an improperly inserted needle, using the wrong type of needle for the fabric being sewn, incorrect thread tension, a broken or bent take-up lever spring and stitching too fast. 

By ensuring all of these aspects are corrected, you can help prevent thread breakages from occurring on your Singer 1304 Sewing Machine. With proper maintenance and troubleshooting, you will be able to get the most out of your machine and create beautiful projects!

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