Sewing Machine Singer 1304 Bobbin Winding Problems

The sewing machine Singer 1304 bobbin not winding or the bobbin stopped winding. Logically, the next question that comes to mind would be, “Why is my bobbin winder not spinning? Why sewing machine bobbin winder won’t wind?” 

Sewing machine Singer 1304 bobbin winding troubleshooting

Unfortunately, it seems that a bobbin winder not working is a common problem with Singer 1304 sewing machines. There are several reasons why your machine’s bobbin winder might not be functioning correctly. These problems are more common than you might think, so don’t panic! 

Singer 1304 Sewing machine Bobbin winder not spinning

“How do I fix my bobbin winder?” If your bobbin won’t wind, to resolve this issue, please follow the steps listed below:

1. Make sure you’re using the right size bobbins: The bobbin should fit snugly in the Bobbin Winder, but it should not be too small or too big for it. If the bobbin is too large, it may prevent the Bobbin Winder from spinning. 

2. Be sure to align the groove on the bobbin with the spring on the shaft of the Bobbin Winder: This will help ensure that your thread is wound correctly onto the bobbin. Once that is done, press down on the Bobbin until it snaps into place.

3. Make sure the thread is correctly passed through the bobbin winding guide. Pass the thread through the bobbin winding guide: The needle should be in its highest position and then you can pass your thread from left to right through the slot located at the back of the machine. 

4. Check the bobbin for scratches or other indications of wear: If your bobbin has any signs of wear, replace it as soon as possible in order to avoid any problems while sewing.

5. Make sure that the bobbin winder is engaged: On a Singer 1304 , this is usually done by pushing the lever towards you. This will be indicated by a red light that should turn on, indicating that the winder is engaged.

6. If the thread is wound too tightly on the bobbin, it might prevent you from removing it from the winder: You can do this by using tweezers or your finger to manually unwind the thread.

7. Take a peek under the tiny bobbin pin. It can be tough to spot, but using a mini flashlight should do the trick. If you see some thread wrapped around the bobbin holder’s pin, that might be what’s causing your machine’s winder to stop spinning. If so, carefully use tweezers to unwind and remove the thread from there- making sure it doesn’t fall inside the machine in the process.

8. Check for any obstructions in the thread path: Make sure that there are no threads or other objects blocking and interfering with how your thread winds onto the bobbin. 

9. Check for any loose parts or broken springs: Make sure that all the parts of your sewing machine are secure, and replace any spring as needed. 

10. Clean and lubricate your machine regularly: Regularly cleaning and lubricating your sewing machine will ensure that it is always running smoothly and efficiently. This will help avoid potential issues with bobbin winding. 

11. Make sure that your tension is set correctly: The tension should be set to the number indicated in the manual for the type of fabric you are using. Too high or too low tension can result in problems with bobbin winding. 

12. Check your thread: Make sure that your thread is good quality and free from knots or tangles, as this can affect how it winds onto the bobbin and cause bobbin winding issues. 

13. Take your machine in for a professional check-up: If all else fails and you have tried all of the above methods, it might be time to take your machine into a professional repair shop for a check-up. This will help to ensure that any underlying problems are correctly identified and fixed.

With the help of these steps, you should be able to resolve your Singer 1304 bobbin winding issues. If for any reason, these don’t work, contact a professional repair shop for assistance.

Singer 1304 sewing machine winding instructions

How to wind a bobbin sewing machine Singer 1304 ? You can easily wind a bobbin by following the steps below. Always remember to wind the bobbin before threading your machine and needle.

1. Mount the spool of thread onto the spool pin.

2. To avoid thread tangling, securely slide the spool pin holder/cap over the edge of the spool.

3. If the bobbin winder pin is not already on the far left, push it to that side. 

4. Take the thread from the spool and follow the guide as seen in Illustration 1.

5. From the inside, pass the thread end through the small hole in the bobbin’s rim (illustration 2).

6. Thread the bobbin onto the pin.

7. To stop the needle from moving, push the bobbin winder pin to the right (illustration 3).

8. To wind the bobbin, hold onto the end of the thread and step on the speed controller. The machine will run until there is enough thread wound around the bobbin, at which point it will stop automatically.

9. After you cut the thread, remove the bobbin from the pin on the bobbin winder by pushing it to the left (as seen in illustration 4).

10. Cut the thread tails off of the top of the bobbin.

Singer 1304 sewing machine sews when winding the bobbin

If you are new to sewing, you may encounter a problem when the sewing machine sews when winding the bobbin. To avoid this problem, press the bobbin winder pin to the right to stop the movement of the needle.

Uneven bobbin winding on sewing machine Singer 1304

When the bobbin is wound unevenly, too loosely or with crisscross threading, it causes the tension to be off balance and this can lead to stitching irregularities, jamming threads and even broken threads.

Why Is My Bobbin Not Winding Evenly?

  • Thread not wrapped securely around tension discs; 
  • Not guiding the thread up and down as it winds; 
  • Bobbin winder not fully engaged; 
  • Using an incorrect bobbin size for the sewing machine model;
  • Defective metal or plastic bobbins;
  • Wornrubber ring on bobbin winder;
  • Broken gears inside the bobbin winding mechanism. 

Adjusting uneven bobbin winding on sewing machine Singer 1304

  • Check bobbin winding pin for any thread obstructions and remove with tweezers (if necessary);
  • Wrap thread twice around tension discs;
  • Guide your thread up and down as it winds (or use finger/pencil to help guide); 
  • Fully engage bobacent Bobbin Winder; 
  • Ensure correct bobbin size is used;
  • Check for defective bobbins (metal/plastic) and replace if necessary;
  • Replace rubber ring at bottom of bobbin winding pin, if worn; 
  • Inspect gears inside bobbin winder mechanism and repair or buy standalone machine if broken.

Singer 1304 sewing machine has exclamation point when winding bobbin

This is likely due to something jamming up in the machine, such as a motor belt, bobbin or gears. To troubleshoot this problem, unplug the machine and clean it. Then try rotating it forward and backward to search for any parts that might be stuck. If any of the nylon gears are broken, this could cause further issues and result in the machine becoming stuck.

Singer 1304 sewing machine doesn’t re-engage after winding bobbin

Singer 1304 sewing machines will not work if the bobbin winder is engaged. If you have an upper thread or bobbin thread that has knotted or snagged, it can also cause your machine to jam up. Make sure there’s no lint or thread blocking the hook in the bobbin case and clean your machine regularly. Additionally, use good quality standard thread and be careful when winding bobbins by hand to avoid knots.

Singer 1304 sewing machine beeping when winding a bobbin

Singer 1304 sewing machine can beep when winding a bobbin, which is usually caused by one of three issues. The thread may not be threaded correctly, something may be blocking the tension discs from properly adjusting the upper thread or there might be an issue with the bobbin case preventing it from rounding the bobbin correctly.

It’s quite common for these machines to have chips or burrs on the bobbin case and it’s relatively inexpensive to replace. Additionally, the bobbin winding spindle must also pushed back to its original position on the left side otherwise it will continually make noise while trying to sew.

Motor jammed on Singer 1304 sewing machine after winding bobbin

Fix a jammed Singer 1304 sewing machine after winding bobbin. If your sewing machine is stuck, it can be very frustrating. Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to try and fix the problem at home before taking it to a shop. 

First, make sure that all fabric and thread has been removed from the sewing area. Manually turn the wheel to see if the needle can be lifted up; if it’s broken, then this could be the source of the issue. Then remove any thread or lint from around the bobbin case which may have built up over time. Use a stiff brush to get rid of any debris that might have accumulated there. Unscrew the plate at the bottom of the sewing area and examine for l to best troubleshoot your problem. 

How do you troubleshoot a bobbin problem?

In this video, sewing machine manufacturer Singer 1304 explains how to troubleshoot bobbin problems:

How to load a Singer 1304 sewing machine bobbin

To learn how to thread a bobbin on a Singer 1304 sewing machine, watch this video:

Bobbin size for Singer 1304 sewing machine

The Singer 1304 sewing machine uses the Singer Class 15 Transparent bobbins

Bobbin size chart

Singer 1304 Bobbin Winding Woes: A Comprehensive Guide to Smooth Sewing

Here is a table summarizing the troubleshooting steps and solutions for Singer 1304 bobbin winding issues:

IssueTroubleshooting Steps and Solutions
Bobbin winder not working1. Ensure correct bobbin size.
2. Align the groove on the bobbin with the spring on the shaft.
3. Check thread path through the bobbin winding guide.
4. Inspect bobbin for wear.
5. Ensure bobbin winder is engaged.
Bobbin winder not spinning1. Check bobbin size.
2. Align groove on the bobbin.
3. Pass thread through bobbin winding guide.
4. Check for scratches on bobbin.
5. Ensure bobbin winder is engaged.
6. Loosen tightly wound thread on bobbin.
Machine sews when winding bobbinPush bobbin winder pin to the right to stop the needle movement while winding.
Uneven bobbin winding1. Check for thread obstructions on bobbin winding pin.
2. Wrap thread twice around tension discs. 3. Guide thread up and down.
4. Fully engage bobbin winder.
5. Use correct bobbin size.
6. Check for defective bobbins.
Exclamation point when winding bobbinClean the machine, rotate it forward and backward to locate and remove any stuck parts. Check for broken nylon gears.
Machine doesn’t re-engage after winding bobbinClean the machine, remove lint or thread blocking the bobbin case hook. Use good quality thread. Be cautious when hand winding bobbins to avoid knots.
Beeping when winding a bobbin1. Ensure correct threading.
2. Check for blockage in tension discs.
3. Examine bobbin case for issues rounding the bobbin.
4. Push bobbin winding spindle back to its original position.
Motor jammed after winding bobbin1. Remove fabric and thread from the sewing area.
2. Manually turn the wheel to lift the needle.
3. Remove thread and lint from the bobbin case.
4. Examine for broken parts.
5. Clean the sewing area.

These troubleshooting steps cover a range of common issues with Singer 1304 bobbin winding and provide solutions to resolve them.


Can bobbin winder be oiled?

Should be done if the bobbin winder does not spin? Make sure that there is no blockage or obstruction preventing it from rotating. Securely fasten the bobbin winder back into its mount with four screws and add a drop of oil into the port in the bushing. This should help improve its rotation.

What is the best way to wind a bobbin?

The best way to wind a bobbin is to first mount the spool of thread onto the spool pin, secure it with the holder/cap, pass the thread through the small hole in the bobbin’s rim, and then push the bobbin winder pin to the right and hold onto the end of the thread while stepping on the speed controller until enough thread has been wound around. Finally, remove it from pin by pushing it to left and cut off any excess threads.

How do you adjust the tension on a bobbin winder? How do I know if I have set up my tension correctly?

To find out if you have set up the tension correctly, refer to your machine’s manual and look for the number indicated for the type of fabric you are using. If it is too high or too low, it may cause issues with bobbin winding.

How often should I clean and lubricate my sewing machine?

It is recommended to clean and lubricate your sewing machine regularly in order to keep it running smoothly and efficiently, avoiding potential problems with bobbin winding.

What should I do if no amount of troubleshooting seems to fix my bobbin winding issue?

If troubleshooting does not seem to fix your Singer Bobbin Windingcerns, it might be time to take your machine into a professional repair shop for a check-up. This will help to ensure that any underlying problems are correctly identified and fixed.

Can I use any type of thread for bobbin winding?

It is best to use good quality thread when winding bobbins as lower quality threads may cause issues with the bobbin winding process. Avoid using threads that have knots or tangles as these can affect how it winds onto the bobbin and lead to further issues.cluding, Singer Bobbin Winding is easy to do with the right steps and tools. With regular cleaning and maintenance, it is less likely for you to experience problems with bobbin winding. If any underlying issues are present however, contact a professional repair shop for assistance.

Conclusion. Singer 1304 bobbin winding problems. How do you fix a sewing machine that won’t wind a bobbin?

In conclusion, winding a bobbin on the Singer 1304 sewing machine is not difficult as long as you follow the correct steps. It is important to use good quality thread and also to maintain your machine regularly with cleaning and lubrication in order to avoid any problems related to bobbin winding.

If troubleshooting fails to fix the issue, it is best to contact a professional repair shop in order to identify any underlying problems. With proper maintenance and care, you should be able to enjoy successful bobbin winding with your Singer 1304 sewing machine!

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