Singer 1304 Sewing Machine Keep Jamming. How to Fix a Jammed Singer 1304 Sewing Machine

The Singer 1304 sewing machine can sometimes experience a jam, which is when it gets locked up and cannot perform properly. This can occur for many reasons, such as tangles in the thread, fabric not being fed evenly or lint/dust build-up in the machine.

If a jam does happen, it’s usually easy to resolve by following the troubleshooting steps in your manual; if the problem persists though, you may need to bring your machine to an expert for repair.

Why Does My Singer 1304 Sewing Machine Keep Jamming?

My Singer 1304 Sewing Machine keeps jamming and it can be due to either a project gone wrong or an issue with its maintenance. A broken needle or presser foot, for example, will cause the machine to pause in the middle of a stitching job.

There could be several reasons why your sewing machine is getting stuck frequently; read through this article to find out what’s causing the problem.

11 Reasons Why Your Sewing Machine Is Jamming

Needle Suddenly Fails To Move. Fixing a Jammed Needle on a Singer 1304 Sewing Machine

If the needle on your Singer 1304 sewing machine refuses to move, it could be due to a disconnected clutch, a broken drive belt or an incorrect size of needle. To solve this problem, make sure that the hand wheel is free and push the bobbin winder towards the left.

this doesn’t work, consider replacing the drive belt or changing out the needle for one with a different size. This should help get the needle moving again.

The Motor Fails To Function. How to Fix a Jamming Singer 1304 Sewing Machine Motor.

If the motor of your Singer 1304 sewing machine fails to start or stops running, then it is likely that there is an issue with the motor belt or electrical parts. To fix this problem, unplug the device from its power source and check all wires connected between the motor and foot pedal. If any are broken or loose, replace them.

You may need to also use a multimeter to assess the wire connections leading to the pedal. If you hear a humming noise coming from the motor brake, this means that it is too tight; spin the handwheel to clean and oil it for better operation. Keep in mind that each machine can be different, so check where exactly your motor is located before making repairs.

Sewing Machine Being Stuck In Reverse

The Singer 1304 Sewing Machine may jam when stuck in reverse, preventing you from completing your project. To fix this problem, check the feed dog area for dirt and lint buildup and ensure it’s raised correctly. If that doesn’t work, try resetting the machine by turning it off and on again while making sure the reverse levers are not engaged.

Finally, make sure the bobbin is installed and clean for optimal performance. The solutions are easy to implement and will ensure you can continue sewing with your Singer 1304 Sewing Machine without any further issues.

Sewing Machine Stuck At The Maximum Speed. How to Fix a Singer 1304 Sewing Machine That Is Jammed at Maximum Speed

If your Singer 1304 Sewing Machine is stuck at the maximum speed, it could be a sign of several underlying issues. It may be due to problems with the motor, or dirt and debris clogging up the foot pedal. If this happens, professional assistance should be sought to repair the machine.

Similarly, if the foot pedal is stuck at a higher speed, it can be cleaned out and any debris removed to restore normal function. Taking these steps should help ensure that your Singer 1304 Sewing Machine operates correctly.

It is important to have control over the speed of your sewing machine in order to complete even complicated tasks, so addressing any issues with speed should be a priority. If your Singer 1304 Sewing Machine is stuck at the maximum speed, there are steps you can take to fix it and restore normal function.

The Machine Stuck At Its Bobbin Mode. Motor jammed on Singer 1304 sewing machine after winding bobbin

The bobbin winding function is an automated feature that should be handled by the sewing machine. If you attempt to do it yourself, the thread tension can be destabilized.

When your motor jammed on sewing machine after winding bobbin it can be because of two reasons:

1. Bobbin Software Malfunction- If you are using a computerized machine and your sewing machine needs an upgrade, it can be a reason why your machine is stuck in bobbin mode. Your machine might either need an upgrade or troubleshooting.

2. Bobbin Mode Stuck- For most sewing machines, there is a lever or switch that sets your sewing machine to bobbin winding mode. But if you are unable to turn this off by yourself, then you will have to work with a professional.

The Handwheel Refuses To Move. Troubleshooting the Sewing Machine Handwheel That Won’t Move

The handwheel of a sewing machine should be able to rotate freely. If it is difficult to move the wheel, there might be an issue that needs to be addressed. It could be caused by the needle or fabric getting stuck in the machine, or from thread tangling up inside. To fix this problem, try rethreading the machine and, if that doesn’t work, contact a professional to properly service the machine.

The Singer 1304 Sewing Machine Presser Foot Fails To Move. Troubleshooting the Singer 1304 Sewing Machine Presser Foot Jamming Issue

The Singer 1304 Sewing Machine may jam and not allow the presser foot to move up or down, preventing fabric from being put underneath. The broken lever of the presser foot is usually the cause of it staying stuck downward, while dirt and debris lodged near the foot might be responsible for it getting stuck upwards.

Broken gears in the machine or it being in bobbin mode could also be to blame. If none of these are the issue, professional help will be required to solve the jamming issue.

Not Enough Tension In The Singer 1304 sewing machine Upper Thread. How to Fix the Issue of Not Enough Tension in the Upper Thread on a Singer Sewing Machine

When your Singer 1304 sewing machine keeps jamming, it could often be due to not enough tension in the upper thread. To fix this issue, lift the presser foot and rethread the needle as indicated by the manufacturer. If that doesn’t work, seek advice from a professional for further guidance.

Troubleshooting a Jammed Singer 1304 Sewing Machine: Broken or Deformed Needle

The Singer 1304 sewing machine may suddenly cease functioning due to a broken or bent needle that prevents the thread from entering the fabric. If this is the case, you should stop sewing and inspect the needle for any signs of breakage or deformity. Make sure you are using the appropriate size and type of needle for your machine and project as using an incorrect needle can be the cause of jamming. Replace any damaged needles with new ones to resolve this issue.

What could potentially happen if you don’t replace a broken or deformed needle?

If you do not replace a broken or deformed needle, it may lead to further problems with your machine such as damage to the machine, poor stitching quality or even destruction of the fabric. Thus, it is important to replace any damaged needles with new ones in order to prevent further damage and ensure better stitching quality.

Cleaning and Oiling Your Singer 1304 Sewing Machine to Prevent Clogging

The Singer 1304 Sewing Machine can be prone to clogging at one or more points, particularly due to debris and lint getting stuck. To fix this issue, it is necessary to turn the machine off and unthread it. It should then be thoroughly cleaned with a brush, paying special attention to its working mechanisms. 

Oiling its metal parts on a regular basis can also help to prevent similar occurrences in the future. Additionally, canned air should be used to blow out all residues from its bobbin parts. Cleaning and oiling the machine at least once a month is recommended, although those who sew daily should do it more frequently.

The Singer 1304 Sewing Machine Is Stuck In Zig-Zag Mode

The Singer 1304 Sewing Machine can get stuck in a permanent zig-zag mode. This may happen when you need to use the zig-zag stitching for areas where straight stitching is not suitable, like when working with stretchy fabrics or reinforcing buttonholes. If you can’t switch it out of this mode, then check your owner’s manual for guidance, or contact the manufacturer’s helpline. This should help you get your machine out of its zig-zag mode.

Troubleshooting Guide for Singer 1304 Sewing Machine Issues (with Table)

Here’s a table summarizing the information provided in the article:

#IssuePossible CausesSolutions
1Needle Fails To Move– Disconnected clutch
– Broken drive belt
– Incorrect needle size
– Ensure the handwheel is free
– Push the bobbin winder towards the left
– Replace drive belt or change needle size
2Motor Fails To FunctionMotor belt issues
– Electrical problems
– Unplug and check wires between motor and foot pedal
– Replace broken or loose wires
– Use a multimeter to assess wire connections
– Clean and oil the motor brake if it’s too tight
3Sewing Machine Stuck In Reverse– Dirt and lint buildup in feed dog area
– Incorrect reverse lever engagement
– Check feed dog area for dirt and lint
– Reset machine by turning it off and on
– Ensure reverse levers are not engaged
– Clean and ensure proper installation of the bobbin
4Machine Stuck At Maximum Speed– Motor issues
– Foot pedal clogged with dirt and debris
– Seek professional assistance for motor issues
– Clean foot pedal and remove debris to restore normal function
5Machine Stuck In Bobbin Mode– Bobbin software malfunction
– Stuck bobbin mode switch or lever
– Check for machine upgrades or troubleshoot bobbin software issues
– Seek professional help if unable to turn off bobbin mode
6Handwheel Refuses To Move– Needle or fabric stuck in the machine
– Thread tangling inside
– Rethread the machine
– Contact a professional for proper servicing if rethreading doesn’t work
7Presser Foot Fails To Move– Broken presser foot lever
– Dirt and debris near the presser foot
– Broken gears or bobbin mode
– Check for broken lever and clean presser foot area
– Seek professional help if none of the above issues are present
8Not Enough Tension In Upper Thread– Incorrect upper thread tension– Lift presser foot and rethread needle as indicated by the manufacturer
– Seek advice from a professional if the issue persists
9Broken or Deformed Needle– Broken or bent needle
– Incorrect needle size
– Inspect needle for breakage or deformity
– Use appropriate size and type of needle
– Replace damaged needles with new ones
10What Happens if You Don’t Replace a Broken Needle– Potential damage to the machine
– Poor stitching quality
– Fabric destruction
– It is important to replace any damaged needles with new ones to prevent further damage and ensure better stitching quality
11Cleaning and Oiling To Prevent Clogging– Debris and lint buildup in the machine– Turn off the machine, unthread it, and clean thoroughly with a brush
– Regularly oil its metal parts
– Use canned air to blow out residues from bobbin parts
– Clean and oil the machine at least once a month or more frequently for daily use
12Stuck In Zig-Zag Mode– Difficulty switching out of zig-zag mode– Check owner’s manual for guidance
– Contact manufacturer’s helpline for assistance


The Singer 1304 Sewing Machine is a reliable and versatile machine that can help you tackle tough sewing projects with ease. However, it may occasionally jam or get stuck in certain settings due to various different causes.

It’s important to know how to troubleshoot these issues, as well as the correct methods for cleaning and oiling your machine in order to maintain its best performance. With the right knowledge and care, your Singer 1304 Sewing Machine will stay in good condition for years to come.

Finally, if all else fails, don’t hesitate to contact a professional for help with your machine. They will be able to diagnose more complex issues and make repairs as necessary. This can save you time and money in the long run. With these tips, your Singer 1304 Sewing Machine will remain in excellent condition for many years to come.

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